Uppsala Bostadsförmedling

A simple and safe way to home

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With the customer experience in focus, we have shortly tailored a modern and simple brokerage service that enables users to search for rental rights throughout the Uppsala region, simply and securely


Uppsala Housing is an effective common digital housing. We had a strategic role in the development of the service that helps the Uppsala citizens find a new home.

The goal with the service was to streamline the process when searching for a new home and to create a platform for both private and municipal landlords. The platform was created to convey apartments in an efficient and transparent way.

Mogul was entrusted to be a part of this gigantic challenge. With us in the project we had our previous experience of developing Uppsalahem’s award-winning website.



Mogul worked throughout the project with acquirements, processes, design and implementation. The public website is just a small part of the service that was evolved. Behind the facade their lays a new business system and an extranet aimed at landlords and brokers. 

Business system
The intermediaries at Bostadsförmedlingen have an operating system where they can handle all applicants, apartments and assignment processes in the background. Here are interest reports, payments, automatic credit controls, queue systems and accounting documents documented.

For the landlords, an extranet was created that helps them manage their rental rights and manage proposed contractors.

The public website
On the site, applicants can register, pay and find their dream home. Home seekers can also easily find and manage their interest reports. The site also supports managing an applicants processes regarding display of housing, certificate upload, criteria and assignment evaluations.


The design challenge from a user perspective was the target group, which in this case was EVERYONE - that is, anyone who seeks rental rights in the Uppsala region. Because the website was only launched in Swedish, there was the challenge of creating as simple and intuitive user interface as possible, so that anyone understands the website, even if the user can not speak the language. Everyone, regardless of age, language difficulties and possible disabilities should understand and be able to use the website.

This resulted in the creation of a clean and minimalist design focusing on content and function. We worked with simple and clear typography, colors and symbols. Each color has a priority in the hierarchy, pink for important information, green for less important information and blue for navigation.



The Swedish Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson

The Swedish Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson

On June 1, 2016, Uppsala Bostadsförmedling was officially launched by the Swedish Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson. Minutes after launch, thousands of applicants, interest notifications and payments were stormed. Everything went according to plan, the technical solution delivered and the success was a fact.

The number of housing agencies around the country claimed to be impossible
for 2 years was evidently possible. It is possible to build a digital housing agency from a blank paper, develop a development team, hire staff, build business
systems and put processes- all this in just a few months.


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