The Royal Opera

Best lifestyle site 2017


Decerno helped  the Royal Opera in Stockholm to create a new and beautiful website with integration into a new ticketing systems and press releases. The Royal Opera wanted a redesign of the website to attract new audiences and give them a broader picture of what the Opera is and what it offers. 

In the project we put a lot of focus and effort on design, typography and imagery in order for the website to have the same feeling and graphical expression as the rest of the Operas visuals. We worked closely together with Stockholm Graphics, the agency in charge of the Operas over all design language in the development.  We worked hard and meticulous with margins, distances and sizes so that the typography is highlighted and grabs the attention on the website.  


On the website visitors gets access to playlists, podcasts, and video archive through Operan Play. In addition to the typography and Operan Play, we worked extensively with the amazing imagery to make it harmonize with the typography and still stand on it´s own.

The Operas new website grabbed the number one spot for best lifestyle site 2017 by Internetworld.

To meet the needs of the web editor, an integration was made to a new ticket system that automatically collects the ticket status and no manually update is needed. On the website we integrated Google Analytics which allows the web editor to map out the visitors journey on the website. We have also integrated a Mynewsdesk solution for press releases to avoid duplicate publishing.


On the technical side the project started with an upgrade of EpiServer from version 7 to version 9 and was built based on the standard solution of  block structure. Of course, the page is built to fit all mobile devices, so that the visitor can book their tickets on the subway!


Madeleine Fange
+46 733 13 06 82