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First aid for Consumers!


The agency Konsumenternas have the challenging task of helping consumers with guidance on banking, finance and insurance services. The main challenge consists of making something that is experienced as difficult and boring, easy and understandable for the user.

The website contains large amounts of information and Decerno created, together with a working group from Konsumenternas, a structure that made it easy for the user to browse and find what they are looking for.  The end result was a number of mini-webs on the main website that individually handles different products and services.

We have been working with Decerno for many years so they have a solid knowledge of our business. Together we have been able to package comprehensive and complicated information in an easy and accessible way for our users.
— Angela Olsson, webmaster at konsumenternas.se

Through the individual mini-webs, it becomes easier to get an overview of the content related to the specific question the user has and to find the right tools provided on the website. With these tools users can compare, for example, different banking, financial and insurance products, and to make loan calculations and pension calculations.

The graphic design is what we playfully call"ultra modern retro". Ultramodern, among other things, because of how"frosted glass" works as text plates on images. The term"retro" comes from the illustrated icons that help keep track of the content. The icons was made by the famous illustrator and designer Ingela P Arrhenius. With the new design of the website, the graphic profile of Konsumenternas was updated and adjusted. 

The website Konsumenternas.se is built with EPiServer 7.5. EpiServers block functionality is mainly used for the website, which means that editors can easily edit, create and customize content. 

Fredrik Lundin
+46 733 137 003