Fyra spår för Sverige

What if What if Sweden ended at Arlanda...


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As part of the newly launched "Fyra spår för Sverige" campaign, Decerno was commissioned to create a website for Region Uppsala to inform about the initiative.

The Region of Uppsala, in cooperation with, among others, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Knivsta Municipality and Swedavia, has for a long time been highlighting the need to of a third anad fourth track between Stockholm, Arlanda and Uppsala in order to meet the needs of the route and enable growth throughout the region.

The initiative and the campaign are already debated among politicians in the municipalities and together they will hold a seminar in Almedalen 2017 to influence decision makers and inform about the campaign to a broader audience.

"Fyra spår för Sverige" is an important regional initiative, and Decerno, which has offices in Uppsala and Stockholm, has first-hand experience of the need for optimal rail traffic between the cities. That's why we were excited to take on this assignment!


The time frame to complete the project was short in order for the site to be ready in time for Almedalen. In close collaboration with the client, we developed the website using Wordpress. All the content was already prepared by Region Uppsala and ready to be published.

Wordpress is an excellent tool for campaign websites and the material, which was primarily designed to be presented to the public, was now given a digital packaging.  On the website the campaign is presented with an in-depth and linking to all relevant studies and reports. The site was set up on fyraspårförsverige.se and the development took place iteratively and in close collaboration with the client.


On June 14th fyraspårförsverige.se was launched and we handed it over to the client so that they could start polishing the content. The end result became an informative and easy-to-read website with a clear sender. On the site you can read the preliminary studies, the reports and  the latest news regarding the initiative. Decision makers and the interested public have now, through the site, a valuable source of information to return to in order to get the information they need in this, for the region and for Sweden, important question!


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