BlueStep Bank

One website became two new responsive websites


Design and Develop two new responsive websites with the purpose of creating clearer communication for the visitors. BlueSteps customers had a difficult time trying to find the information they were looking for. BlueStep's savings and loan offerings also needed to be highlighted and presented in an educational and easy-to-understand manner. Also a new stable technical solution was extremely important when BluStep's business is operating digitally.

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The project was divided into a pre-study and a development part.

Mogul conducted Interviews with key people to identify the needs of the users and the organization. Based on these interviews, sketches and prototypes were created to test different interaction concepts. Based on the results a graphic expression was then worked out. Even tonality was defined. The preliminary study and development were conducted in accordance with our standardized processes.

By identifying the business goals, we could, together with BlueStep, see the different needs that existed for the consumers and companys side respectively. Separating these two websites meant creating clarity and simplicity regarding messages and tonality and, of course, also to be able to call the different target groups better. The consumer page focuses on customer needs, such as easy-to-use information for the visitor and an easy-to-use customer service.

Together with BlueStep, we chose a CMS that was well-suited for editorial work and was easy to use. We adapted the default interface with consideration of the editors' needs, and created templates for publishing.

BlueSteps digital ecosystems merged into the site, for example by downloading feeds from MyNewsDesk and Facebook to the homepage. The REST integration protocol was used to integrate with BlueStep's case management system.


  • Pre-studie
  • Modeling Manager Requirements and Operations Analysts
  • Logical and graphic design
  • Technical architecture
  • System 


Fredrik Lundin
Design and Strategy Manager
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