About Decerno

Reliable IT solutions for customers with high demands.

Decerno was established in 1984 with the mission to supply reliable IT systems to customers with particularly challenging requirements.

The company is located in Kista and is a part of the Addnode Group.

The policy of the company is to be a sterling quality IT systems supplier. All Decerno consultants are educated to at least M.Sc. level and the average work experience is 15 years. We have considerable experience and a well proven track record in understanding and meeting different user needs, combined with an ability to choose and effectively leverage the best available technology at a given time.

Decerno has particular competence in running large and complex projects rapidly and with high quality. Our consultants' professional reliability and our in-house developed tools and project methodology have made it possible to work in unusually tight and efficient project groups. The company has never failed to deliver on any project and competes successfully for prestige projects with large Scandinavian and international IT consulting groups.

In the year 2015, Decerno turned over 7,9 MEUR with an average of 50 employees, as well as a number of sub-consultants. Decerno finances all operations with internally generated funds, and has by Dun&Bradstreet® been assigned a AAA credit rating (i.e. is among the top 5% most credit worthy companies in Sweden).

Below is a small sample of systems that we have built for our more well-known major customers:

  • Swedbank Real Estate broker – Data Warehouse solution
  • Swedish Public Prosecutor – workflow system for 1 000 lawyers
  • DeLaval- PDM system for 300+ users
  • Swedish Police Force - National system for lost, found and stolen goods
  • Swedish Treasury - The Internal Bank of the Swedish State Government

IT is an area of extremely rapid technical development. It is not uncommon for commercial technologies and tools to become widely used before they have matured to the point where they deliver the required efficiency. Decerno have in-depth knowledge in this area and often complete the development environment with own components, in order to improve productivity.

An efficient development environment is also the key to success when creating products. Some of our applications are of general use and are further developed into commercial software products.

Decerno has competence in the two leading development evironments; Microsoft .Net and Java EE. As well as long experience from the more mature 3GL and 4GL tools.

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CEO of Decerno
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